Toni-Marie Wiseman


Hair stylist looking forward to when he can reopen his business

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a real struggle for people who are self-employed, even with the benefit of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. Cory...

How does N.L. avoid bankruptcy? Ask a former finance minister who lived it

Newfoundland and Labrador is not the only province to go through a fiscal crisis. Saskatchewan flirted with bankruptcy back in the 1990s. Dr Janice...

Ed Roberts remembers working with John Crosbie on both sides of political divide

John Crosbie may have had many political foes, but behind the scenes they were friends. Former Lt. Gov. Ed Roberts worked with and against...

MerB’ys print final calendar for 2020, but will continue other charitable work

The MerB'ys 2020 calendar will be the last one for a while. The Beard and Moustache Club is taking a break, but will continue...

Sing-along with Santa on Christmas Eve

Santa Claus is getting ready to visit homes around the world. He speaks with NTV's Toni-Marie Wiseman for an exclusive interview.

CFIB calls on province to delay next minimum wage increase

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business wants the province to delay the next scheduled increase in the minimum wage. NTV's Toni-Marie Wiseman speaks with...