Michael Connors


Andrew Furey defends Liberal leadership vote while honorary convention co-chair quits in protest

The Liberal party is under fire again for choosing to go ahead with its leadership race. Longtime Liberal Vera Barbour, 92, has quit as...

Liberal party cancels convention, but proceeds with leadership election online and by phone

Liberal leadership race still is full steam ahead with a virtual vote and no physical convention. The party says significant modifications will be made to...

Nalcor invokes ‘force majeure’ as it shuts down Muskrat Falls during COVID-19 pandemic

Nalcor CEO Stan Marshall expects the Musrkat Falls shutdown to have an effect on the schedule of the project, but not as much on...

Premier and opposition parties form Joint Public Health Response Committee for COVID-19

The three major political parties were singing from the same hymn sheet on Monday's developments on COVID-19. The premier and opposition leaders agreed to...

Trudeau promises stimulus, advises against international travel during COVID-19 pandemic

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is advising Canadians to curtail all non-essential international travel on account of the still rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic, CTV News...

House of Assembly approves measure to close if necessary because of COVID-19

The House of Assembly approved a measure Thursday that could allow the legislature to stay adjourned if necessary because of COVID-19. NTV's Michael Connors...