Leila Beaudoin


Northern Peninsula looks to tourism as way of the future

The Northern Peninsula has long faced a bleak future with a declining population. But residents and business leaders say things are now looking up...

Potholes a problem for tourists visiting Northern Peninsula

Tourism operators on the Northern Peninsula say they are seeing more caravans than ever. But travellers say the state of the roads is a...

Ashley’s Garden aims for tourism market next

Ashley Hann is a walking example of the saying "you reap what you sow." She quit her day job to give commercial farming a...

Ashley Hann runs Riverside Farms as a one-woman show

Ashley Hann has a green thumb that has bloomed into a business. The 31-year-old woman runs Riverside Farms on the west coast all by...

Group calls for more transparency in campaign financing rules for St. John’s City Council

A group called CASE-NL is calling for more fairness and transparency in campaign financing rules for municipal elections in St. John's. NTV's Leila Beaudoin...

Campers hope to see Cochrane Pond reopen this weekend

Cochrane Pond Park was shut down earlier this summer because the campground wasn't safe, but it could be ready to reopen before the weekend....