Leila Beaudoin


COVID-19 leads to panic buying among consumers

COVID-19 has led to panic buying and hoarding across the country. NTV's Leila Beaudoin checks out what's left on local store shelves.

Beothuk remains finally return to Newfoundland after almost 200 years

The remains of two Beothuk people are finally home, almost 200 years after they were stolen and taken to Scotland. NTV's Leila Beaudoin reports.

Four youths charged after incident caught on video at Village Mall

Four youths were arrested after an incident was caught on video at the Village Mall. NTV's Leila Beaudoin reports.

Air travellers wishing for direct flights to Europe

St. John's International Airport just won a major award for a makeover, but travellers still say something is missing: a direct flight to Europe....

Panel wants to change gender gap in tech sector

It's a booming industry with more jobs than people, but there is a huge gender gap in the $1.6-billion tech sector. NTV's Leila Beaudoin...

Outhouse character Cecil O’Brien taking on ‘sooky babies’ in Liberal leadership campaign skit

NTV News has learned of another potential candidate for the Liberal leadership. Outhouse curmudgeon Cecil O'Brien, played by comedian Mike Lynch, is interested in...

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