Leila Beaudoin


Health minister responds to E. coli outbreak and woman’s fight for sight

Health Minister John Haggie responded Tuesday to a couple of issues facing his department. One is the outbreak of E. coli. The other is...

Government turned blind eye sexual abuse at former training schools, class-action lawsuit alleges

The courts have certified a class-action lawsuit against the province involving allegations of sexual abuse at former Newfoundland Training Schools. Lawyer Lynn Moore detailed...

Woman’s fight for sight continues with provincial government

Time is ticking for a woman whose eyesight is on the line. Krista Stephens is fighting government to remove a cap on sight-saving injections....

Cries of ‘justice for Mittens’ grow louder

The cries of "justice for Mittens" are growing louder. NTV's Leila Beaudoin speaks with Cpl. Jolene Garland of the RCMP about what happens next.

Two people charged for death of cat in Port aux Basques

Police have charged two people in western Newfoundland for a gruesome cat-killing. Jody Anderson, 38, of Cape Ray and Peter Rossiter, 51, of O'Regan's will...

Groups call for tougher laws as RCMP investigate cat killing

Animal groups on the province's west coast are calling for tougher laws and stiffer penalties as RCMP investigate the killing of a rescued cat...

Protesters bombard Premier Dwight Ball’s inbox with demands for action on climate change

They arrived with energy, emotion and anger, but also scientific evidence. Thousands of students marched on Confederation Building Friday to protest climate change. Many...

Students get permission to attend Climate Change strike

The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District is giving students permission to attend the Climate Change strike scheduled for tomorrow - If they bring...

Divided St. John’s City Council approves more drive-thrus near Avalon Mall

Drive-thrus are a popular way to fuel up on food, but they also encourage pollution. St. John's City Council has approved more drive-thrus near...