Leila Beaudoin


Groups call for tougher laws as RCMP investigate cat killing

Animal groups on the province's west coast are calling for tougher laws and stiffer penalties as RCMP investigate the killing of a rescued cat...

Protesters bombard Premier Dwight Ball’s inbox with demands for action on climate change

They arrived with energy, emotion and anger, but also scientific evidence. Thousands of students marched on Confederation Building Friday to protest climate change. Many...

Students get permission to attend Climate Change strike

The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District is giving students permission to attend the Climate Change strike scheduled for tomorrow - If they bring...

Divided St. John’s City Council approves more drive-thrus near Avalon Mall

Drive-thrus are a popular way to fuel up on food, but they also encourage pollution. St. John's City Council has approved more drive-thrus near...

Mile One lease talks continuing with Newfoundland Growlers, Danny Breen says

There is still no word on whether the Newfoundland Growlers are staying or leaving. St. John's Mayor Danny Breen says talks are continuing and...

St. John’s NDP candidates release details of national dental care plan

NDP candidates in St. John's released details of their part's national dental care plan on Friday. NTV's Leila Beaudoin reports.

INSPIRING NL: Fire crew saves horses from fire

Rainbow Riders, who provide horse-riding therapy to children with different abilities, paid the St. John's Regional Fire Department a visit on Thursday to say...

Legacy of misspending led to MusicNL’s financial troubles, Amy House says

Amy House, the interim chair of MusicNL, says the organization's financial problems are a legacy of misspending. NTV's Leila Beaudoin reports.

Woman fighting to save sight in face of government policy

A woman is fighting for her sight. She's in a race against time and against what some medical experts call bad government policies. NTV's...