Leila Beaudoin


Local dog breeder under fire for allegations of selling sick puppies

A puppy breeder has come under fire after mounting allegations of sick dogs and deplorable living conditions. Particularly Parvo, a highly contagious virus, and puppies...

Always in Vogue owner worried about customer safety during anti-sealing protests

A downtown St. John's shop owner says a group of protesters are putting his customers in danger. Anti-sealing groups are nothing new, but there...

What happened to Jennifer? Silence continues after four years

Jennifer Hillier-Penney was getting ready to start her life over when she disappeared in 2016. Four years later, the silence continues. NTV's Leila Beaudoin...

What happened to Jennifer? Questions linger four years after woman’s disappearance

Jennifer Hillier-Penney disappeared under suspicious circumstances in St. Anthony four years ago Monday. Now, her friends and family are raising troubling new concerns. NTV's...

Status of Women study shows N.L. domestic violence rate higher than rest of country

The St. John's Status of Women Council is renewing its demand for the government to form a task force on gender-based violence. That's after...

Black Friday comes early as Avalon Mall seeks to avoid Christmas cluster

Black Friday came early to the Avalon Mall on Thursday as it tries to avoid a COVID-19 Christmas cluster. NTV's Leila Beaudoin reports.