Kelly-Anne Roberts


Difficult jury selection begins for Trent Butt murder trial

More than 1,200 people were summoned for jury selection at the Trent Butt murder trial. Butt is charged with first-degree murder for the death...

Nalcor employee testifies about disconnect with SNC-Lavalin at Muskrat Falls inquiry

Unrest between Nalcor and SNC-Lavalin began in the early stages of the Muskrat Falls project. Nalcor employee Pat Hussey testified about the disconnect between...

Indigenous groups testify about methylmercury concerns at Muskrat Falls inquiry

Indigenous groups are still waiting for government to take action on the recommendations of an independent expert advisory committee on methylmercury. Some of them...

Former natural resources minister testifies at Muskrat Falls inquiry

Former Natural Resources Minister Derrick Dalley testified Wednesday at the Muskrat Falls inquiry. He also said he was kept in the dark about cost...

Paul Davis says he was left in dark about escalating Muskrat Falls costs

Former premier Paul Davis took the stand Tuesday at the Muskrat Falls inquiry. He testified to being left in the dark about escalating costs...

St. John’s City Council debates Galway wetlands

St. John's City Council debated the status of wetlands in Galway on Monday, even though developers thought the issue had already been settled. NTV's...