Kelly-Anne Roberts


Man drives another 170 kilometres after hitting moose

A man was so intent on reaching his destination that he drove another 170 kilometres with a broken windshield after he hit a moose....

Stella’s Circle joins forces with Bell Let’s Talk campaign

Bell and Stella's Circle had much to talk about on Thursday. The Bell Let's Talk campaign was recognized for its national efforts in promoting...

Federal government provides $3 million to restore coastal areas

Newfoundland and Labrador has almost 30,000 kilometres of coastline, some of which needs work. The federal government is giving $3 million to the World...

St. John’s earns title for most rats in Atlantic Canada

St. John's has a new title, one it would rather not have. Orkin Canada says St. John's is the has the most rats in...

Muslim student shocked by hateful posters on MUN campus

Posters spewing hate was seen on Memorial University's campus this weekend. The university is working to remove the posters. One Muslim student was shocked...

Defence asks for 10-year prison sentence for Sofyan Boalag

If Sofyan Boalag's lawyers have their way, the convicted serial rapist could be walking the streets in a little more than two years because...