Kelly-Anne Roberts


Stoodley says she’ll be in House until she goes into labour

Digital Government Minister Sarah Stoodley is within three weeks of her due date. With the minority government delivering its budget in a week and...

COVID-19 testing site for school children to open at Janeway

Students have been back to school for more than a week, but the rules on keeping kids home with COVID-19 symptoms have many parents...

Supreme Court upholds province’s COVID-19 travel ban

The Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador has upheld the province's COVID-19 travel ban. Justice Don Burrage ruled the ban does violate mobility rights...

Sarah Stoodley welcomes new rules allowing infants in House of Assembly

The House of Assembly has changed its standing orders to allow MHAs bring their infant children onto the floor of the House. The change...

Fewer students left off school buses, but no apologies offered from education minister

The number of students without access to school buses is decreasing, Education Minister Tom Osborne told the House Monday. But NDP MHA Jim Dinn...

Liberty report cites more problems with Labrador-Island Link

A report prepared by Liberty Consulting Group for the Public Utilities Board has cited 41 issues that need to be resolved with the Labrador-Island...