Kelly-Anne Roberts


Few Canadians aware of N.L.’s fiscal problems, Schroeder Policy Group warns

Few Canadians are aware of Newfoundland and Labrador's massive debtload, according to an opinion poll conducted for the Schroeder Policy Group. The new think...

Developer has plans for vacant lot in downtown St. John’s

Beside the National War Memorial in St. John's is a vacant lot considered an eyesore by some. But it soon may have a new...

St. John’s council looking to change ‘massage parlours’ name to ‘body rub parlours’

The City of St. John’s council carried a motion last month to lift the moratorium on massage parlours and is now waiting on the...

Crosswalk improvements to be considered for Rawlins Cross

St. John’s city council is looking to make changes at Rawlins Cross. Council will make a decision this evening if it will support the...

Big Baby Davis not returning to St. John’s Edge team this season

The St. John's Edge basketball teams season doesn't begin till the end of December, but as NTV's Kelly-Anne Roberts reports several former players, including...

Choices for Youth releases report on student mental wellness in the province

A mental wellness report on post-secondary students in this province is highlighting the needs of students. NTV's Kelly-Anne Roberts reports.

Big money to be spent on offshore oil exploration, Noia conference hears

Offshore oil exploration continues to draw big money to the province. Norway's Equinor could start a new oil project by 2025. NTV's Kelly-Anne Roberts...

Rules leaving farmers feeling helpless against moose

Farmers work all year for a fall harvest, battling everything from wind and hail to hurricanes. Now they're battling another threat from moose that...

Health professionals feel undervalued and underpaid

Undervalued and underpaid: That's how hundreds of health professionals in the province feel. NTV's Kelly-Anne Roberts reports.

Coors Original being brewed in Newfoundland

Molson Coors Canada is brewing Coors Banquet in Newfoundland and relaunching it as Coors Original. Newfoundland will be the first province to brew the Golden,...