Jodi Cooke


New certification course introduced for safely prescribing opioids

Health care professionals will soon be equipped with proper knowledge of how to safely prescribe narcotics. NTV's Jodi Cooke reports.  

Daughters of the Vote get behind-the-scenes look at House of Assembly

A group of young women got a behind-the-scenes look at life as a Member of the House of Assembly on Thursday. Daughters of the...

N.L. students take part in Pink Shirt Day

Pink shirt day started a few years ago to end bullying and promote kindness. Since then it swept schools across the country. NTV's Jodi...

Placentia man bets against the odds to win huge Pro-Line payout

It's never happened before, and the odds of it happening again are slim. A Placentia man get against the odds and won the largest...

DFO scientists report northern shrimp stocks in decline

DFO science has confirmed that northern shrimp stocks are in decline. But while that's bad news for one sector of the fishery, it may...

St. John’s Port Authority sponsors new award for excellence in marine industry

A new award was unveiled Thursday to honour people who work in the marine industry. Sponsored by the St. John's Port Authority, the award...