Garry Smyth


Visiting the Beaumont-Hamel historic site

The site of the Battle of Beaumont-Hamel is one of the best preserved memorial sites on the Western Front. NTV's Garry Smyth reports.

Ray Johnson shares his theories about the Titanic

The tragedy of the Titanic still attracts public interest. Ray Johnson of Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers has had a lifelong fascination with...

One-room school in Hibb’s Cove lets students travel back in time

A school outing is always a good thing for students, but when that outing catapults them back a hundred years in time, it becomes...

Carbonear puts faces to names of soldiers who died in war

Thousands of people across the province will gather at War Memorials on Saturday for Remembrance Day. This year the people of Carbonear are getting...

What makes Shaun Majumder tick?

Shaun Majumder may be best known as comedian, but he's also a social entrepreneur, writer and actor. He's constantly on the go, working on...

Mussel farming a growing business on south coast

The provincial government signalled this week that it wants to expand the aquaculture industry. NTV's Garry Smyth goes on a tour of a mussel...