Gerri Lynn Mackey


Tough questions at Muskrat Falls Inquiry

An expert witness, representing the Canadian Investment Bank Morrison Park, told the Muskrat Falls Inquiry that government could have been more thorough when sanctioning...

Muskrat Falls Inquiry continues

The Muskrat Falls Inquiry heard from an expert witness today who weighed some of the strategic options available to Newfoundland and Labrador in the...

Cougar Top 20 Under 40

Wings magazine has named a Cougar helicopter pilot here in St. John's as one of the Top 20 Under 40 who are influencing the...

Danny Williams wins Court of Appeal ruling against St. John’s City Hall

Galway developer Danny Williams has won a Court of Appeal ruling against St. John's City Hall. NTV's Gerri Lynn Mackey reports.

Graham Veitch found not criminally responsible for death of David Collins

Graham Veitch has been found not criminally responsible for the death of David Collins because of mental illness. Justice Sandra Chaytor said Thursday morning she...

Judge hands down stern sentence for brazen armed robbery

A stern sentence was handed down Wednesday to one of the men charged for a brazen armed robbery at a St. John's bank last...