David Salter


From FISH-NL to SEA-NL: Ryan Cleary launches new inshore harvesters group

Ryan Cleary is launching a new organization to speak for inshore fish harvesters. After FISH-NL failed in its union certification drive, he's now launching...

Final statue in Trail of the Caribou installed in Gallipoli

The Trail of the Caribou has been years in the making, and on Tuesday it was finally completed. The sixth and final bronze caribou...

Dentists want to be higher priority on COVID vaccination list

Dentists are asking to be a higher priority on the COVID vaccination list because of how close their jobs bring them to the source...

Province won’t accelerate reopening Atlantic Bubble

While COVID case counts remain low in Newfoundland and Labrador, the province does not plan to accelerate reopening the Atlantic Bubble. NTV's David Salter...

NLC says cannabis black market is shrinking as retail sales soar

Cannabis profits in the province are getting higher. In two and a half years, legal marijuana has become a $50-million bottom line for the...

St. Pierre et Miquelon asks to join Atlantic Bubble

St. Pierre and Miquelon wants to visit and they're looking for permission. The tiny island off the Burin Peninsula has written the french government to...