Colleen Lewis


Democracy Watch co-founder calls provincial election a mess

The co-founder of a group called Democracy Watch describes the provincial election as a mess. Duff Conacher says it has exposed how fragile voter...

Liberal MP Scott Simms shares worries of laid off Nav Canada workers

There are worries across the country about the future of air traffic controllers. Liberal MP Scott Simms says the downturn in the air industry...

RCMP make significant cocaine seizure in central Newfoundland

The RCMP seized a significant amount of cocaine in central Newfoundland last week, valued at more than $250,000. NTV's Colleen Lewis reports.

Marathon Gold begins rapid testing at work camp in central Newfoundland

Work camps across the country have been suffering outbreaks of COVID-19. Now a camp in this province is heightening their protective efforts with rapid...

Health authorities set up rapid testing for COVID-19

Health authorities across the province are setting up rapid testing as a precaution to get a bigger picture of what's happening with COVID-19 in...

Mild winter creating dangerous conditions for snowmobilers

Snowmobile tragedies are a reality every winter. This year, the unusually warm whether is contributing to an even greater danger. NTV's Colleen Lewis reports.