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Nurse who tended dying man testifies at Craig Pope murder trial

Jurors heard from more than half a dozen witnesses at the Craig Pope murder trial on Wednesday. One of them was a registered nurse...

Sofyan Boalag seeks court-appointed lawyer as he appeals sexual assault convictions

A man declared a dangerous offender is appealing his sexual assault convictions. Sofyan Boalag represented himself in court where he is seeking to have...

Another expert witness argues Graham Veitch not criminally responsible for murder

A forensic psychiatrist who examined Graham Veitch for the Crown supported the argument Tuesday that Veitch is not criminally responsible for killing David Collins...

Man gets suspended sentence and probation for stabbing cat to death

Huntington's Disease played a role in sentencing for animal cruelty. A 54-year-old John Duff was given a suspended sentence and two years' probation for...

Psychiatrist testifies Graham Veitch not criminally responsible for murder

An expert witness at the Graham Veitch murder trial believes Veitch was not criminally responsible. Dr. Nizar Ladha testified Monday that he diagnosed Veitch...

NTV uncovers findings of expensive police investigation

Hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to police informants, including monthly allowances, has put the cost of Operation Bombard at over $2 million. Operation Bombard...

RCMP lays more than 1,100 charges during Canada Road Safety Week

The RCMP laid more than 1,100 charges during Canada Road Safety Week, an annual event that targets high-risk driving.

Ken Harrison found not guilty in childlike sex doll case

One of the longest trials in the province's history came to an end Thursday with 52-year-old Ken Harrison acquitted of child pornography charges. Judge Mark...

Trent Butt appeals murder conviction

Trent Butt is appealing both his conviction and his sentence for the first-degree murder of his five-year-old daughter, Quinn Butt. The handwritten appeal was filed...

50-year-old woman pleads guilty to pointing firearm and uttering threats

Hundreds of people summoned for jury duty were sent home Tuesday after the accused changed her plea. Brenda Mercer, 50, pleaded guilty to pointing...