Contractors at Muskrat Falls are releasing non-essential workers as protesters continue to occupy the work site, Nalcor said Sunday.

About 50 people are still occupying the common areas of the Muskrat Falls accommodation complex. Protesters also remain near the main gate.

Contractors began releasing non-essential workers early Sunday morning, as well as workers scheduled to finish their regular work rotations. About 700 workers were peacefully escorted offsite. Contractors are continuing to carry out a staged release of non-essential workers.

Nalcor and its contractors are keeping a workforce onsite to maintain equipment and the integrity of the construction site. The company promised not to start flooding the reservoir until government officials meet with aboriginal groups on Tuesday.


“Nalcor’s primary focus at this time is everyone’s safety,” the company said in a statement.

NTV’s Ryan Harding is at the protest site in Labrador and will have more on the NTV Sunday Evening Newshour.