Kaetlyn Osmond will be making her way back to her home province this week and Placentia West-Bellevua MHA Mark Browne is encouraging the public to welcome the Olympian at St. John’s International Airport Thursday evening.

“It’s her first time back in the province since winning gold, since becoming the first Canadian female in 45 years become world figure skating champion. I think we should be out there supporting, showing how proud we are of her and her accomplishments,” he says.

The world champion will have a busy few days in the province before leaving on Sunday just to return home a week later to attend a few other events.

Following the Marystown native’s arrival on Thursday night, the provincial government will be celebrating all of Kaetlyn’s accomplishments this season at Confederation Building Friday morning, before heading to Marystown. Friday evening Kaetlyn will drop the puck at a RCMP game.


Saturday morning begins with a parade for the two-time Olympian followed by a meet-and-greet before Kaetlyn performs in the Ice Crystals skating show at 1 p.m.