A $60-million cheque was presented to a lucky group of lottery winners on Wednesday.

The 31 winners are members of the Boilermakers Local 203 and work at the Come by Chance Oil Refinery. Sherry Moore Hickey, shop steward, bought the group’s winning ticket. She and the group had been buying tickets together for three months.

“We throw in $5 each, so we had $155 work of tickets,” she said.


It’s the biggest lottery win in Atlantic Canada. Atlantic Lottery couldn’t release much on the winners’ identities when news trickled out during the weekend, but the communities in the Conception Bay Central area, where many of the workers live, have been abuzz ever since.

Each worker will take home nearly $1.9 million dollars apiece. Hickey and her husband, Lee, work together and will receive two shares of the winnings for a family haul of $3.8 million.

The group had to undergo a security check before the big payday. Tracey Shute, with the ALC, says this is one of the top five wins in the country, the biggest in Atlantic Canada.

The cheque presentation is usually held at the ALC office when it’s one or two people who have won, but for this jackpot it was moved to the St. John’s Convention Centre to accommodate upwards of 300 guests.

NTV’s Kelly-Anne Roberts will speak with the winners and have more on the story tonight on NTV First Edition and The NTV Evening Newshour.